Client: Be berlin

In April 2013 the city of Berlin arranged a competition to find new, innovative and marketable souvenirs to represent Berlin.
My design of the »Wendebeutel« was nominated as one of the top 20 entries.

In Germany, the word »Wende« (literally »turn«) is often used to describe the time leading up to and following the fall of
the Berlin Wall. The »Wendebeutel« is a reversible bag that depicts the same Berlin landmark on both its interior and exterior:
one side shows it before the »Wende« and the other side shows what it looks like today.

For me, Berlin is history come alive. It's a constant source of inspiration. It's a dynamic city that's constantly reinventing itself
and a place where I feel right at home. When I was designing my »Wendebeutel«, it was important that I develop a product for
Berlin, i.e. something that took up an historical aspect of the city and allowed people to experience it. This aspect was crucial
to me, in addition to covering the aspects of topicality, creativity and marketability. The Wendebeutel is a piece of Berlin design,
something that transports Berlin's history. And no matter how you carry it – inside out or outside in – Berlin will always be Berlin.