/ Art Direction

Client: Bundesverband für Sachwerte und Investitionsvermögen / Agency: Ressourcenmangel

“Wirklich – das Magazin” (Real – the Magazine), published by the bsi Bundesverband
Sachwerte und Investmentvermögen e.V. (Real Asset Investment Association), draws
a bow from the rules and regulations of real asset investments to those of banana
imports within the European Union. Regardless of their negative image, rules and
regulations are the basis for business and harmonious social interaction. This key
message dominates the content and graphic design of the publication. The editorial
formats provide entertainment and information in equal measure.

I did the Art Direction and execution for this project from concept to production.
The magazine was awarded with two Best of Corporate Publishing Awards for the design
and the cover as well as a Red Dot Award.

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