Die Organspendeausweis Kampagne

/ Art Direction

Client: Bundesministerium für Gesundheit / Agency: Ressourcenmangel

The first round of the national campaign for the Organ Donor Identification Card went live in 2013.
It serves to inform about Organ Donation in general but especially about the choice you make when
you carry the ID Card, i. e. declaring your wish do donate or not in a written and legal form.
In 2014 I was assigned to relaunch the campaign with the new claim "Ich entscheide" ("I decide").

The purpose was a soft refresh as well as photoshooting new public figures such as actors, showmasters
and athletes who serve as the brand ambassadors. I did the Art Direction and Creative Direction for
the photoshooting with Robert Recker, and the refresh for the complete rollout of the campaign from
classic print to web design.

In 2015 the camapign was voted Best in Print in the category recognition by the Association of
German Newspaper Publishers.

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